“Zoom sucks”: The UK uses a video game for meetings.

The working application of Red Dead Redemption 2 game was found in a British company. This experience was shared by illustrator Vivien Schwartz on her Twitter page on May 28th.

Schwartz explained that under quarantine conditions, they held workshops through the well-known Zoom video conferencing service. But its interface became boring over time, which affected the behaviour of colleagues – they became more irritable when discussing current issues. “Zoom sucks” gave a final assessment to Schwartz’s service.

In order to get away from the too formal atmosphere, Minecraft’s meetings were tried out annoounces.com. However, there was also an unpleasant surprise – some of the colleagues were so fond of preparing meetings (creating virtual business premises) that they essentially played the game itself, rather than attending an online business meeting.

After that, someone suggested trying to hold meetings at the virtual fire in the game Red Dead Redemption 2. The experience of such use of the game came to all in spirit and allowed productive discussion of current working issues in a relaxed atmosphere.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Schwartz explained that with this use of Red Dead Redemption 2, “there is no need to smile at the camera awkwardly,” concluding the meeting. The artist expressed the hope that Rockstar would be made aware of this unusual use of their game and would allocate special servers for this purpose.